Car wash

With the hike in Singapore water price and the drive to reduce water wastage,management councils of condominiums, EC HDB multi storey carpark washbay are advised to install coin-operated water dispensers within their estate. This is to conserve water and to ensure that the cost of water used exclusively for washing vehicles is not unfairly passed on to the minority of residents who do not own cars or motorcycles.The free water dispensers taps in all common toilets within the estate should also be converted to prevent water hoses from being connected to them.The initial costs can be recovered through savings resulting from the long-term reduced usage of water.

For walls mounting water dispenser without beams  coin operated water dispenser comes with stainless steel finish faceplate and count down seconds display option and is virtually vandal resistant with it's pin screw lock. All components are mounted behind on the face plate for durability & easy of maintenance. This faceplate unit is also used to fit custom make box designs for customers whom require slim fit solutions for areas with space restrictions.  

Application: public areas, public swimming pools, commercial centres, public showers and locations where you want to provide your customers with paid water facilities.


  • 20 cents for 15 liters/ 30 seconds flow of water (programmable)
  • countdown timer microcontroller
  • Ultra Compact & cost effective and customization
  • Also used for custom/ultra slim size box requirements (height 350 x width 180 x depth 135mm)
  • Able to add-on coin acceptor to control other devices